Home integration will enhance a living space with personalised settings to match your mood.

Home integration will enhance a living space with personalised settings to match your mood. The customer can conveniently dictate both the interior and exterior lights, TV, audio, CCTV, heating and blinds all from a singular touch screen interface.

We work with a wide variety of people from interior designers to IT firms. For more details of our full AV services click on one of the links below:

    Control solutions
    to suit you


    Home integration will enhance a living space with personalised settings to match your mood.

    Our audio visual and integrated technology products are highly interactive in their functionality and naturally best explained with demonstrations. Watch a video from Crestron which highlights how their technology, when integrated properly, can change lifestyles.

    Control solutions to suit you.

    Whether you are a beginner when it comes to technology or a technology genius, there is a control solution to suit you.

    As locations vary across your home, we understand that needs will differ greatly. Suitable control options can be incorporated to best fit the environment. We can supply control options that meet your lifestyle and fit in with the look and feel of your home.

    Elegant, hard wearing and intuitive.
    • Wall mounted touch screen

    Complete control from a sleek, Apple or Android device.
    • Mobile phone control

    This advanced method allows you to make on-the-go commands, even when you are out of home.
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    Making it simple for architects to enchance their designs with the inclusion of AV systems

    Our architect service includes the design and installation of a customised system whilst ensuring that all AV elements are expertly integrated into cutting edge architectural designs.

    Our design team will overlay our drawings and information onto client supplied drawings providing accurate information for cable routes, power & network requirements, containment routes and equipment locations. This also provides our installation engineers with the ability to work to accurate measurements as well as providing a record in the form of 'As built' drawings for the client, once we have left site.


    Working to deliver the vision of the client and their Interior design team

    The AV system design and implementation will be designed around the interior layout ensuring no compromise is required around the aesthetic look whilst still achieving the desired AV solution.
    Property developers

    We work closely with property developers on high net worth properties in order to maximise their investment

    Increased profits can be achieved by installing integrated audio visual control systems into developments. Our service includes all aspects of the project from undertsanding the original client brief and designing and installing the system to end user training and ongoing maintenence.

    Incorporating a demo function onto a smart property control panel means that upon entering a dwelling with a viewing party the agent is able to push a single button on an iPad and have the entire property come to life.
    IT partners

    Trusted partners

    Working hand in hand with our IT partners we ensure the focus is on delivering a seamless solution integrating AV and IT to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.