Google Chromebox for meetings

Meetings at a moment’s notice.

The Chromebox for meetings is Google’s cloud based video conferencing solution. The product enables you to set up and manage an instant meeting room from a web-based management console. Simpler and faster meetings can be achieved without complex dial-in codes and screens can be shared wirelessly.


Elegant, hard wearing and intuitive.

  • Wall mounted touch screen

Complete control from a sleek, Apple or Android device.

  • Mobile phone control

This advanced method allows you to make on-the-go commands, even when you are out of home.

Control solutions to suit you.

Whether you are a beginner when it comes to technology or a technology genious, there is a control solution to suit you.

As locations vary between corporate board rooms to hotel guest suites, classrooms and operating theatres, we understand that needs will differ greatly. Suitable control options can be incorporated to best fit the environment. Whilst a hospitality setting may have an iPad recessed in to the wall to support the aesthetics, a boardroom may have a hand held control device to enable frequent operation from anywhere in the room.